How to upload images and set the site banner

TypeTote comes with the ability to upload and manage images. You can add images through the content editor by clicking on the WYSIWYG's media icon. Or within the media browser by clicking the media link on the right side of the admin menu. Both ways allow you to view, upload your media. 

Depending on your server configuration, you may run into a limit to how large a file you can upload. Should you run into that issue, please reach out to your hosting provider to adjust that setting accordingly. 

Typetote comes built-in with a site banner bar. The banner bar is a great way to post one-off messages to your users. While each theme dictates the design, this will generally show up as a bar on the top of the page.

To set a message, click the site announcement link on the right-hand menu, type in your text link and click save. To remove the announcement, go back to this panel and remove any existing text.