How to Publish Content

To publish content, first, log in to your admin portal by visiting After successfully logging in, you will see your dashboard where you can see all your posts, pages, and block content. To publish content, clicking on the Publish link found on the right-hand menu bar. Or you can do so by visiting 

There are three types of content you can publish with TypeTote:


Is a generic content type that is part of a broader category. Such as a blog post, a single recipe, an individual's profile bio, or even a documentation page (like the one you are reading right now). A posts URL structure is as follows, TypeTote gives you the option to define different categories by visiting admin/categories. If no custom category is set, then it will default to your blog name. 


Is a single evergreen content that acts as key anchor pages. Such as our getting started guide or an about page. The URL structure would be 


Is a malleable editable content that has no URL of its own. Instead, they are template objects you can add to your theme. An example would be having a specific section on the home page; you want the text to be editable via the admin panel. Such as the banner text found on this site's homepage.

On the content creation page, you will see the following fields:

  • Title - your post title, which will automatically convert into your URL slug. I.e., Getting Started will become getting-started
  • Body - leveraging our homebuilt WYSIWYG editor, this is where you will enter your page content
  • Type - A dropdown to identify the type of content you are writing (post, page, or block)
  • Category - only visible for post-based content
  • Tags - comma-separated value that will show up on the bottom of pages, posts and general search results
  • Summary - the content snippet that will show up in list views and act as the short description used by search engines
  • Metadata - Generally we do not recommend editing the values here unless you know what you are doing but here is where you can alter the URL path, and change the publish and modified dates (if you want to adjust sort order)