Adding Menus and Categories

Customizing the Menu:

To add or change links in the main menu, click on the menu link on the right-hand side after logging in. There you will see a series of input fields. 

The menu page accepts both internal and external links. For internal links, you need to provide the internal path. i.e., blog/hello-world for external links, you will need to preface the link with Http. Failure to do so will result in broken URLs. 

There is no limit to how many menu items you can add, only that your theme may not render them all correctly. Each menu link requires the following values to be filled.

Title - This will be the visible title of your link i.e., Getting Started

Path - is the actual path of the URL, i.e., getting_started or getting-started. The only requirement for the path value is that it can not have any spaces.

Order - this holds the sort order of the menu. Change the corresponding numbers with 0 being the first to arrange your menu accordingly. 

Adding a Category:

As we mentioned previously in our publishing content post, TypeTote allows you to organize content via collections/categories.

To create a category, on the right-hand menu, select the categories icon, and similarly as the menu interface, create a name and path for your category. So if your website had an about-us section, you can make the category name About Us, and have the path set to about-us. This way, when a new post is created, the URL structure will be 

Creating a category does not automatically add it to the menu, so you will need to go back to the menu admin page and add it accordingly. It is possible in a future version; this can be more automated.