Getting Started

Getting started with TypteTote is rather simple. First, grab a copy of the latest version. To install, copy the folder to your server location. Just make sure its a server that is running at the minimum PHP 7.2. If you would like to try this out on your local, use your favorite PHP development environment, or use the one we created and use for our projects

Once you have successfully copied the directly to your server location, in a browser, go to the folder location, and you should now see an install screen like so.

Fill out all the needed items. And click install. If all goes well, in less then a minute, you will now see TypeTote up and running with the default theme enabled. 

To login, visit /login and enter the email address. Whenever you visit the site after logging in, you can now go to straight to /admin to view the dashboard, write and publish content, change the menu, upload images, and adjust other site settings. 

Now that you are all set up, visit the user guide for a more in-depth overview of TypeTote.