Make This Your CMS

Getting Started

First, grab a copy of the most recent release found here, and drop it into your web directory. 

Go to the _assets directory and copy _theme_default to theme (or any other name you prefer). Afterwards, in the _data directory rename config_default.php to config.php and fill out the following items:

  • $base_url - the url of your website excluding (http or https) followed by a backslash (i.e.
  • $base_dir - is only needed if the CMS is being installed in a subfolder off the main domain (i.e.
  • $theme_name - is the name of your theme
  • $ga_ua_code - TypeTote is pre-configured to work with google analytics. Just enter your GA UA Code into this variable.
  • $admin_email - is the email to which TypeTote sends the login token. TypeTote includes a two-step enabled content admin. Rather than using a password, TypeTote generates a unique login token and sends it to the admin account's email.
  • $login_keys - variable objects that TypeTote uses for generating the unique login token. Be sure to enter values that are unique to you.

Once that is done you can start customizing your theme. 

Customizing the Theme:

TypeTote does not come with a pre-built front-end theme. This is to give developers more flexibility around how they want to build their site. We would recommend for first time users to explore the _theme_default folder to see how a basic theme is setup and what functions exist. 

Going Live:

Once your theme is set and all configuration is done, push the files to your server, login and under the settings tab edit the site information section and menu and you are all set.