Today we are releasing version 3.0 which includes a number of changes and new features. Here are just a few more notable items:
  • Quick 3-minute self install, just drop in the files and be on your way.
  • Content blocks, easily create embeddable content that can be modified from the admin and embedded directly into the template. 
  • Refactored admin ui and codebase, version 3.0 is roughly 60% smaller and twice as fast as 2.0
  • Search, RSS, and automatic sitemap creation. 

In the next couple of weeks we will publish more in-depth guides, for those of you interested in getting your hands dirty visit the getting started guide for more information.

A Fun Initiative:

The TypeTote ethos is all about keeping the web, fun, simple, and welcoming all who are interested in contributing a theme or a plugin!

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