Make This Your CMS

Version 2.0 is Now Live!

Today we are releasing version 2.0 which includes a number of changes and new features.

  • Refactored much of the v1.0 code to follow a more MVC approach 
  • Pages - the ability to create standalone pages from the content admin
  • Page Theming - the ability to create custom templates for pages
  • Site Settings - the ability to configure site name and description as well as site menus from the admin
  • Image Uploading (Beta) - you can now upload photos to posts and pages
  • $module_js_library() and $module_css_library() functions to allow modules and themes to programmatically load additional JavaScript and CSS libraries (see admin module for an example)
  • New render_content_index() function, to render content lists by date, tag, and sort.

In the next couple of weeks we will publish more in-depth guides about how to better use and extend TypeTote. 

In the meantime, it's best to go through the existing core modules to see the new code and functions. As always, please open an issue on GitHub if you have any questions.