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Alpha v1.2.1 released

We are happy to announce the release of Alpha v1.2.1, full of new updates and bug fixes, as well as a few other announcements with regards to future features and a brand new site!

New Updates:

  • New _library directory to host assets, frameworks, and scripts that both the frontend and backend can use. 
  • Router module was merged into the render module. Moved many old single file templates into a series of functions found in the functions.php file. The render functions are very much alpha level so we are actively working to improve them in later releases. 
  • Re-worked module file naming and structure in preparation for the creation of the plugin API.
  • We created a new default_theme directory and default_config file. Moving forward to ensure upgrading is as smooth as possible, all future theme and configuration changes will be delivered via these files. When an update to either the theme or config file is made, we will notify users of such changes. This update includes config changes by replacing the $base_url with $site_url for template urls.

Bug Fixes:

  • robots.txt is now fixed for crawlers to be able to read the open graph social cards 
  • Editing a post on a different date than the original creation date will not result in a new content type being created
  • Fixed typo found in error render

In the Works:

The creation of a basic plugin API for people to be able to create custom plugins and modules. We plan to ship future features i.e. RSS feed and contact form via the new plugin system as well as a module for file uploading.

As always if you have any suggestions or find bugs please open an issue on GitHub.