For Writers

The goal for every writer is to simply write. Put their fingers on the keyboard and type away. Publish their work with ease, no noise or complexity.

With TypeTote, you don't have to install plugins, worry about passwords, databases, expensive, complicated hosting, or configurations. Packed with all the features you need to publish, TypeTote helps you do just that.

For Developers

Building a website today can be complicated, and that should not be the case. With TypeTote, we created a mechanism that is simple and Straightforward.

Its blend of existing methods yet hackability creates a unique platform that just works. Packed with many of the core features a website needs, this robust, fast, and tiny (1MB) codebase is all you need to build a great website.

The features you need, without the bloat.

TypeTote was built with a specific goal, to make writing and publishing websites simple and straightforward. We do this by carefully crafting each feature with no more or no less than what is needed.

  • Simple Content Editor
  • Image & File Manager
  • Passwordless Login
  • Multiple Users
  • Content Blocks
  • Categories & Menus
  • SEO Ready
Database Free
Quick Install
Headless Ready
Really Fast

Plans & Pricing

While free for many, to help continue development, we offer a Pro plan that allows you to remove the mandatory attribution and grants access to advanced features.


This is our standard license giving you access to all the features and only requires public attribution.

$18per site

If you do not want to include the mandatory TypeTote attribution, please purchase a license to remove it.

Inquire for details

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this project open source? Yes! TypeTote is proudly open-source. If you would like to contribute to the project, please visit our GitHub repo.
How do I buy a license? To purchase a license, please email us at [email protected] as we are still actively developing and testing the licensing system.
How long is the pro license valid for? A pro license currently has no expiration date. However, this may change later on.
Do you offer refunds? Should you not be happy, please contact us at [email protected]