The Straightforward
Flat-File CMS

TypeTote is an open-source barebone flat-file CMS that is flexible for developers' and intuitive for writers.

Get Started

The features you need, without the bloat.

Simple Blogging

TypeTote, makes it radically easy to publish blog posts and create content.

Easy Login

No password needed. TypeTote sends you a unique token to your email to login.


Just under 1MB in size, its fast and packed with all the features a website needs.

Database Free

TypeTote requires no database, making it fast, more secure, and easier to backup.

Content Blocks

Easily embed content into any part of the template, while editing it from the admin.


TypeTotes allows for developers to build new extensions using just core languages!

3 Minute Install

Just copy the codebase to your server, follow the one page install prompt, and you are set!

Headless Ready

Did we mention that with one click TypeTote can become a full-powered headless CMS?

Multiple Users

TypeTote has a simple process to add additional people to help you keep your site running!

A straightforward and intuitive experience.

To the end-user, we took our time to craft an administrative UI that is easy to navigate and simple to understand. And for developers, a straightforward path to implementing your design.

Open Source & Extendable.

When we started building websites many years ago, we fell in love with how a few lines of code could impact the world. We benefited from free online materials and software, and as a token of appreciation, TypeTote is open source and allows anyone to extend it and make it something unique.

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